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Úniková hra s tajuplnou atmosférou


mysterious atmosphere

La Fayettovo vězení - jedinečný příběh


the unique story

Neotřelé úkoly La Fayettova vězení


unique tasks


from 2 to 5 players

CZK 1 600

Who is general La Fayette?

We were inspired by real events from the end of the 18th century, when an important hero of his time - General La Fayette - was imprisoned in the Czech lands. A bold attempt to free him would probably have been successful without a fatal misunderstanding. After this event, they all ended up in dark dungeon.

If you are brave, come to experience the historic atmosphere of the old-time prison. All you need is your wit, a keen mind and at least one or more companions.

Generál La Fayette

The whole story

By the end of 18th century, Europe went through period of drastic changes. Many reforms took place, including the status of church and state, international connections with the New World or new inventions and development of science and education. Major changes in society led to disruptions, demonstrations and escalated into the Great French Revolution which is considered as a breaking point in European history. One of the major icons of this era was Gilbert du Motier, marquiz de Lafayette, famous hero of two continents.


This French enlightened aristocrat, soldier and general significantly contributed to the American war of independence where he earned the title of national hero, became a member of Mason Lodge and made friends with key figures in history such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin. After the triumphant comeback to France, Lafayette befriended Robespierre, Danton and Marat and became a commander of french National Guard. His contribution led to the bloody suppression of protests at Champ-de-Mars. Because Lafayette loudly protested against King’s execution, he was convicted of treason and in 1792 he was taken captive and held by the Austrians..


General Lafayette was imprisoned in today’s Luxemburg, Germany and Poland before he was sent to fortress in our country in 1794. As a prominent top secret prisoner, he resided in a luxurious cell even received three gold coins every day. Lafayette himself wrote in his memoires that he used to be disturbed by foul smell of the canal and frequent punishing of soldiers under his windows. After some time he was allowed carriage rides outside for health reasons. Those carriages used to be watched by armed guards, sometimes even by the fortress commander Franz d’Arco. Despite all that, it was during one of the carriage rides when Lafayette attempted escape.


Numerous of his powerful friends, including the masons, attempted to help Lafayette to escape from the prison. The plots got more complicated when he was moved to the fortress in secrecy, named only as ‘state prisoner no. 2’. Eric Bollmann, a German pharmacist and an adventurer, was one of those who tried to find and release Lafayette. When he found out where a very important person is being held, he immediately set on his way. Bollmann befriended the commander and after a while earned trust of Lafayette’s personal doctor, whom he tricked into confirming that the mysterious prisoner was indeed general Lafayette.After that, the doctor agreed to deliver a short message to the prisoner, unaware that the paper included a message written with invisible ink.

Bollmann and Lafayette planned a very detailed escape plan. The rescue team was also joined by an American named Frank Huger and servants Sramonsky and Brenda. Bollmann secured two horses and a carriage in the courtyard with clothes and food needed for the escape of five people. The escape was planned to take place during one of Lafayette’s carriage. The first step was to be conducted by Lafayette himself by securing the cord of one of the prison guards.

Bollmann and Huger followed the carriage since it had departed from the prison. They were ready to attack as soon as Lafayette secured a weapon for himself. However, Lafayette’s armed companion was not ready to give up his weapon easily. During the fight, Lafayette grew weak. Not only was he able to secure the cord, one of the prison guards bit a part of Lafayette’s finger off. Apparently, Lafayette mistaken the instruction “get to Hof (i.e. court)” as “get off”. Furthermore, for his escape he hopped on a horse trained for carrying two riders. Huger ended up running on his feet and was captured first.

Lafayette fell to the guard’s trap not long afterwards and in the end they captured Bollmann, too. Lafayette was welcomed back in prison by the commander. “The transgressors who attempted to release you will be hanged by your window. If we don’t find an executioner, I will do it myself,” he said.Lafayette ended up in a cell with highest security and chained.

How to find us

Vrchlickeho 60
Prague 5, 150 00

ATTENTION - you will not find us at Vrchlickeho 473/96! The escape room is located opposite the Shell gas station (next to Lidl).

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By tram: tram no. 9, 10, 15 or 16 to the station Klamovka, then go down to the street Prachnerova and to the left on Vrchlickeho street.